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Golf Fanatic's Guide to HawaiiBryan Fryklund

Bryan Fryklund became a Golf Fanatic the first time that he golfed – at the age of 10. Though he played on his Sudbury, MA high school golf team for two years, he rarely let the pressure of competition get to him. "I didn't play many matches my junior year," Fryklund recalls, "or my senior year, for that matter. Occasionally the coach would feel sorry for me and insert me when he thought we had the other team out-gunned. I think he always regretted that."

Following high school, Fryklund retired from competitive golf, and has been a purely recreational linksman. He has golfed in Hawaii since 1995, and after co-authoring a general guidebook to the Big Island, Adventure Guide: The Big Island from Hunter Publishing, decided to write a state-wide book for golfers.

Says Fryklund, "The goal of The Golf Fanatic's Guide to Hawaii is to bring the state's courses into focus. Most visitors to the islands have only a week or so to spend on vacation, and they don't want to fizzle away that precious time trying to find the right course for their skill level or pocketbook. This guide boils down the top 50 courses in the state and helps the visitor find that course that just can't be missed."

Fryklund is always quick to assure his playing partners that he is a professional writer rather than a professional golfer.


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